Python3 jupyter

Unless you really really need this (for Ipython), I would strongly advise for the Python3_fifo interpreter which has way less potential issues


  • jupyter

(more specifically, you must be able to run jupyter-kernel and jupyter-console from the command line)


(As there is a different interpreter for Python, you may want to force the selection of Python3_jupyter with:)



The code runs on a separate jupyter python3 kernel which will NOT interefere with your own running kernels.

However, mind that the usual limitations of such kernels still apply: max duration of execution, etc… but you probably don’t have to pay too much attention to this.

The jupyter kernel also has a substantial overhead when it comes to running code, in addition to imports*, that means the Python3_jupyter interpreter may feel a bit slow compared to others, when the REPL functionnaluty relying on it.

* The Jupyter-based interpreter also doesn’t support Python’s “list-import” syntax such as:

from math import (