C original

gcc is recommended, for that it’s able to detect, compile and run nested functions, however you can change the default compiler with:

    interpreter_options = {
        C_original = {
             compiler = "clang"

If you run with GCC, Sniprun will be able to run function + code in the same snippet, or functions + main() function regardlessly, but only the latter is supported by clang.

This interpreter will also only import (all) #include <…> but not any #include “…” (systems-wide include only, not the headers from your project, unless the environment variable $C_INCLUDE_PATH or $CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH have been set). In this case, please make sure those variable cover ALL the paths needed to fetch every header file #include’d

the C_original interpreter will also make use of the following environment variables:





and will add them to the build options it uses. Please specify absolute paths, and not relative ones!

Using a tool such as direnv may be really useful to set up those variables when you cd into your project’ directory.