GFM original (Markdown)

the GFM_original (Github flavored markdown) can help run code blocs embedded in markdown.

example 1


echo “lol” # << you can run sniprun on this line

# or the whole visual selection following:

for i in {1..4};do

echo $i



example 2

```rust << running on this line will run the entire bloc



the language name must be there (otherwise the default * will be used) at the bloc start and has to match the github flavor syntax, and the underlying interpreter must be callable (no missing compiler etc…)

* python, but you can ofc configure that:

    interpreter_options = {
        GFM_original = { 
            default_filetype = 'bash' -- default filetype (not 'github flavored markdown 'name' of the language, as they are sometimes different)

if GFM doesn’t include a flavor that matches the language you want, well it’s not really GFM anymore but you can but the filetype of the language you want, such as julia or lua