Clojure fifo

This interpreter relies on clojure

The default interpreter command is clojure (or clojure -e "(clojure.main/repl :prompt (defn f[] ("")) )", that allow not displaying the repl prompt) but it can be changed via the configuration key

The defaults are equivalent to specifying:

    interpreter_options = {
        Clojure_fifo = {
             interpreter_repl = "clojure -e \"(clojure.main/repl :prompt (defn f[] (\"\")) )\""
             interpreter = "clojure"

You can change those values, (to use clj for example ?) but it could break sniprun anytime

Blocked REPL

Clojure is a bit capricious and sometimes a typo will block forever (and a timeout will appear after 30s).

Don’t hesitate to SnipReset, even though it will lose all the currently in-memory variables